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Identity Safety / Piracy & Plagiarism

Online Resources

Identity Safety:

House Pledges
Use these Internet Safety Pledges from Netsmartz to promote safety discussions and create safer boundaries for computer use at home. 

Internet Safety
Parental Advice from the California Attorney General's
Crime CriminalPreventionCenter  

FTC Tips for Parents
Learn about web site privacy policies and whether to consent about allowing collection of personal information.

*Protect Your Privacy, Your Family and Your PC.
Online flash video tutorial for parents developed by for

How to Make Social Networks More Private
Learn how to set privacy controls for MySpace and Facebook 


Piracy and Plagiarism:

Young People, Music and the Internet
Accessing music online and via mobile phones has never been easier, but it does raise legal, security and ethical issues. This new guide for parents and teachers provides essential advice about how young people can get the best out of downloading and sharing music online and via mobile technology in a safe and legal way, as well as providing tips for discussion.

Help Kids Avoid Online Piracy Illegal Downloads
From the folks at Microsoft: four ways to help your kids avoid pirating online files

Net Cetera - OnGuard Online

Net Cetera is a website designed to educate parents about how to help kids make safe, responsible decisions online. The website includes information on how to raise the topic of online issues with kids, how to stay safe online, videos for parents and children, frequently asked questions about staying safe online, and more. Please visit the website Net Cetera to learn more.