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Cyberbullying & Cyber Predators

Online Resources


Blogs, Bulletin Boards and Bullying
Watch this video to learn how to talk to your children about the dangers of posting personal information online and the effect of cyberbullying on others.

House Pledges
Use these Internet Safety Pledges from Netsmartz to promote safety discussions and create safer boundaries for computer use at home.
It's well worth watching the lengthy introduction to view the great examples of cyberbullying that kids experience. 


Cyber Predators:

Help Delete Online Predators
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children line up tips for parents to use when talking with their children about online predators.

CyberPredator Communication Tools (.pdf)
I-Safe America's Guide to how predators use technology (chat, phone, email, instant messaging) to lure their victims.

A Safety Net for the Internet: Protecting Our Children
Juvenile Justice Journal article on protecting children from cyber predators.

Net Cetera - OnGuard Online

Net Cetera is a website designed to educate parents about how to help kids make safe, responsible decisions online. The website includes information on how to raise the topic of online issues with kids, how to stay safe online, videos for parents and children, frequently asked questions about staying safe online, and more. Please visit the website Net Cetera to learn more.