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Van Gogh's room mural
Van Gogh's room mural
Chalk Art
Matisse mural
"Egg on My Face" Idiom Head
Idiom Head
"Hot Headed"
"Finger in Every Pie"
"Face the Music"
Chip on Your Shoulder, Two-Faced, Hit The Nail On the Head
You Crack Me Up, Sick as a Dog

Welcome to the Art Experience at Valley !


Here at VMS we are able to offer three levels of the art adventure. Starting at 6th grade the student is able to experience 12 weeks of fine art adventure. In 7th and/or 8th grade students create works and study artists for an entire semester. Students desiring a more in depth experience can take a year long course in 8th grade.

Valley Middle School's art program is available to all grade levels.

  • 6th grade Explorative 12 week course
  • 7th/8th grade semester Art class
  • Year long Advanced Art
Practice for Art Splash
Mural art
Art 7/8 One-Point Perspective
Art 7/6 One-Point Perspective
Kandinsky bulletin board
Kandinsky bulletin board
Working on a Kandinsky
Working on a Kandinsky