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Health Ed Curriculum


Sexual Health Education Middle School

Website: Positive Prevention Plus

Password: MSSH-2016


Teacher Read First:

Introduction: pg. Xvii (before getting started section- Respect for Differences, Gender Equity and Human Rights)


Display for front of class.


Parent Letter needs to include “ the right for pupil to be excused from school to obtain confidential services”


Day 1

Getting Started

    Introduction (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 2)

    Discussing Embarrassing Topics (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 2)

    Ground Rules -From Previous Curriculum

       Sexual Health of Teens (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 9)


Anatomy & Development

DVD “Human Reproduction and Childbirth” Video  (21 Minutes) - From Previous Curriculum


Day 2


Prior to Day 2- Teacher Read Appendix C (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 465-467)

Lesson 1 & 2 - Gender and Sexual Orientation

  • Understanding the Terms: Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation (Positive Prevention Plus-  Pg. 39)

    • Discussion about (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 37-38 Part C section 1-4)

      • Section 5-7 Activity

      • Discuss that families are different cultures, religion, orientations, dynamics etc. And have different expectations.

  • Common Sexual Health Concerns -Make a List from pg. 41

  • Maintaining Reproductive Health (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 51)

    • State that clinics are available and accessible for all with confidential service s

      • Minor of any age can receive treatment or prevention services for pregnancy and STI - without Parental consent per Law


Day 3


Prior to Day 2- Teacher Read Appendix C (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 470)

Lesson 3 - Bullying and Relationship Abuse

  • Part B Section 1-3 Discussion (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 78)

    • Discuss bullying based on Sexual Orientation, Religion, or Race, which includes Stereotypes, is not acceptable.

      • Discuss Appendix C (Positive Prevention 466-467)

      • Discuss the importance of positive relationships with friends and family.

      • Show Sexual Harassment and Examples (Previous Curriculum)  

        • Add discussion that it does not matter Sexual Orientation- still not appropriate

  • Part C Section (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 79)

    • Show Pages & Discuss  (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 81 )

      • Remove statistic on top of page “ Two-Thirds of births to teenage girls nationwide are fathered by adult men age 19 or older” (Inaccurate)- Scanned to not include

  • Show and discuss (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 87, 89, & 91)

    • Be sure to thoroughly discuss Part D section 5  (Pg. 85)


Day 4


Lesson 4-  Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy

  • Part B Discuss Sections 1-3 (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 102)

  • Part C Sections 5 & 7  (Pg. 103 &104) - Show Pg.105 and focus on Abstinence is 100% Effective

Lesson 5-  Teen Pregnancy: Choices and Responsibilities  

  • Part B Discuss Sections 1-2 (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 140)

  • Part C Discuss Section 1 (Pg. 141)

    • Discuss options: Adoption, parenting, parent raising or family raises, safe surrender through fire or police stations, or abortion.

  • Show and Discuss (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 149, 151, & 155)


Day 5

Lesson 6 & 7-  Myths and Stereotypes about HIV

  • Show “Understanding HIV and AIDS” Bow Wow (20 minutes)- from previous curriculum

  • Phenol Red Activity

  • Lesson 7 Part B Discuss Sections 1-2 (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 176)

  • Show and Discuss (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 187 )


Day 6

Lesson 8, 9, & 11-  STI & Prevention

  • STI chart and group activity (Previous Curriculum) (Example: Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 235- 236

    • Focus on the Health Consequences

  • Part D Discuss - (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 229)

    • Section 3 (4th Bullet) Inaccurate information about HPV and HIV being completely preventative with vaccine- inaccurate

  • Show and Discuss (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 231 )

  • Show and Discuss (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 263)

    • Discuss how Latex can be damaged from heat, old, tearing, not put on correctly.

    • Discuss abstinence would prevent STI transmission  

  • Show and Discuss (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 353)

Day 7

Lesson 10 & 12 -  Media and Peer Pressure & Goal Setting  

  • Show Commercial

    • Discuss  (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 325)

  • Body Image Video

    • Discuss ways to build esteem in regards to Body Image. (Ideas Tab Pg. 1-3)

  • Part B Discuss Sections 2-9.

  • 5 step Refusal Skill Strategy- from previous curriculum

    • Discuss Part D- Section 1  (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 333)

      • Discuss: Be willing to have Parent or Adult Figure help you get out of situations

  • Fill out Goal Setting Worksheet  (Positive Prevention Plus- Pg. 365)