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Teaching Resources



Copyright-Friendly Images


The Commons

You or your students can choose from thousands of copyright-friendly images to use for various projects.
File Storage DropBox Upload your files online so that you can access them from any computer.
Graphic Organizers Graphic Organizers Find graphic organizer templates for you to use with your students.
Miscellaneous Super Teacher Tools Create a custom games like Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Use various management tools to randomly generate student names, groups, and seating charts.Explore to discover many more possibilities.
Quizzes Quizlet Make online flashcards for vocabulary. You can allow the students to study and play games with the vocabulary words with this website.



Podcasting Guide

Poducate Me


Have your students create podcasts: audio or video media files that can be uploaded to the web. You can have your students create audio presentations of their essays, reports, or experiences. You can also add a podcast to your website (talk to Mrs. Paynter for help).
Posters Glogster Have your students create and share interactive digital posters with images, text, music, and videos.
Rubrics Rubistar Make quality rubrics from templates or create your own from scratch.
Slide Shows Photo Story Photo Story 3 enables you or your students to create a slide show with digital pictures, edit pictures, create a story with original music, add narration, and share them with the class.


Social Networking




Create a blog to display student work and invite comments, showcase projects, class newsletters, journals, events, photos, and more.


Edmodo provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices.  You can create quizzes and polls, or have students turn in assignments, annotate them and send them back to the students. 

Songs for Education Science
(and more)
to Music
Play songs related to science, math, and language arts to help your students remember important facts.
Supplemental Materials

Kids Discover

Find supplemental teaching materials for almost all subjects
Timelines Dipity Have your students make a digital timeline for free. Students can make individual or collaborative timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, location, and timestamps.
Videos for Education

Periodic Table of Videos

Khan Academy


Explore various educational videos that you can use in your classroom.



Websites for Non-fiction text

Newsela (you have to make an account, but it's free.) This has leveled texts (current events and separated into categories such as Science, Law, War/Peace, Health, Arts, Kids). You can set it to 3rd grade to 12th grade reading level, and it's still the same article, just shorter sentences, easier vocab, etc.  The articles also come with a 5 question quiz, aligned to Common Core.

Dogonews - If you click Common Core next to each article, there are prompts, etc you can use to tie into CCSS. Some articles come with a related video at the bottom. Lots of visuals as well.

Time for Kids

Science Articles:

Science Daily

Live Science

Science news

Science for Kids

Natural Inquirer

National Geographic for Kids