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School Loop FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

How can parents register for School Loop?
Why should parents and students register for School Loop?
School Loop is a great way for parents and students to know what’s going on at Valley Middle School.   We value the three way partnership between parents, students and teachers that help a child fully develop their academic skills. We hope to provide parents with general and specific information which will help them support their child’s learning.   
Special features include the following:
  • Bulletin Announcements
  • Weekly Wednesday Information Disbursement
  • Updates on Swine Flu
  • Parent Resources including PTA information
  • Guidance Page with a number of helpful tools
  • Email to access your child’s teachers, counselor and administration team
  • Email to access other students (many students ask each other how to homework or clarify key points!)
Students are expected to be responsible for their learning by paying attention in class, writing assignments in a daily planner and by maintaining class notebooks with class and homework assignments. Parents should review their student’s work regularly to demonstrate the importance of learning to their child. School Loop is intended to supplement the information provided during class but cannot replicate the classroom experience.
Why should parents and students register separately for School Loop?
This is a confidentiality tool as well as a convenience for parents. As students get used to using School Loop email, most parents don’t want to sort out what applies to them and what is student conversation. Sometimes a parent needs to share information about their child, check on their child’s progress or ask teachers questions in a confidential setting.
Are all teachers expected to use all aspects of School Loop?
Teachers may use some of the tools in School Loop but not others. Four key components include the teacher webpage, posting of homework assignments, posting grades in a grade book and email. At “Back to School Night” teachers explain to parents what to expect. Many teachers regularly use all four of these functions.
The overall purpose for School Loop is effective communication. It is one of many tools. Depending on the situation, a phone call or teacher conference may be more appropriate than email/School Loop.
How often do teachers update the grade book?
This varies from teacher to teacher. There is no set standard. Many post grades once a week or when a major assignment has been corrected. Some teachers do not post grades.
How soon should I expect a response to an email?
Generally speaking, teachers are able to answer emails within 48 hours. However, this can vary if a teacher is attending a conference, out ill or during weekends/holidays. Parents should keep in mind that the teacher’s scheduled work hours are Monday – Friday from 7:30 to 3:00.
What if my child didn’t understand the assignment? Can students ask homework questions via email?
Some teachers may be able to answer a quick question if they happen to be online. We encourage students to use their resources in order to complete their schoolwork. These resources include paying attention in class and asking questions when needed. Students should refer to their textbooks and handouts. Often a careful reading of the instructions will answer the question. We also encourage students to choose “Study Buddies” by getting the names and phone numbers of a couple of students in each class. They can also email other students via School Loop.
**Students may also utilize the online materials provided by the mathematics' department.
My child is sick. Can he/she get the homework by using School Loop?
This depends on the class. Many teachers post assignments on line. Some also attach handouts. Some classwork or homework may be dependant on being in class and the teacher may choose to assign an alternative assignment which meets the State Standard.
When students are absent, they are allowed a reasonable amount of time to make up their work after their return to school. Students should speak with each teacher to determine what work needs to be “made up.”
Parents may request homework through the front office when their child has been absent more than three days.
When should parents call and speak with the teacher rather than use School Loop?
If a situation is complex and you find yourself having multiple questions, writing several emails or have on-going concerns, it is best to speak directly with the teacher. You may need to make an appointment for an individual conference.
Thank you for your support! Together, we seek to develop confident, responsible students who are well prepared for the academic rigor of high school, college and work environment. Each child’s professional dreams start with the solid academic foundation provided by Valley Middle School.