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VMS Science Olympiad Resources Folder

top 10 Reasons to join a team

10 Great addition to your academic resume.

9 Improve your study skills.

8 Learn more about subjects that interest you.

7 A sense of accomplishment.

6 Build cool gadgets.

5 It’s like getting a second elective course.

4 Show California what VMS Vikings are made of.

3 Promotes teamwork and collaboration.

2 Make new friends.

1 It’s challenging and fun!!!

Science Olympiad

Competition Day is Saturday, February 9 at Carlsbad High School!

Directions to Viasat are here!

Event Placements for 2018-9 are here!

Please contact Mrs. Tsoi ( with questions.

All Important Science Olympiad Resources are in the VMS Science Olympiad Resources Folder.

What is Science Olympiad?

In Science Olympiad Club, students have the opportunity to learn more about a science topic they are interested in, or engineer a contraption to be used for competition in the annual Regional Science Olympiad Competition.  There are 23 team events to choose from.


Science Olympiad also offers students an incredible opportunity to observe, experience, and explore a STEM career, as they are mentored by a professional expert, scientist and/or engineer at Sage Creek High School or ViaSat Global Communications Company in Carlsbad.


Science Olympiad is provided by a partnership between the Carlsbad Educational Foundation (CEF), and local science & engineering partner, Viasat. Please visit for more information.


Please email Mrs. Tsoi at if you have any questions regarding Science Olympiad Club.


See this year's flyer or check out the websites below for more information. 

National Science Olympiad Web Page

San Diego Regional Science Olympiad Web Page

Science Olympiad Event Wiki

Important Dates for Science Olympians And Parents

9/11 - Science O Informational Meeting in the New Science Lab (near PE) during Brunch

9/19 - Science O Student and Parent Information Night 6-7pm in the VMS Library

9/26 - Deadline for Science Olympiad registration, 3:00pm

10/3 - Placements announced via email - Find out your event(s) and team

10/8-12 - Science O Coaching Begins at ViaSat and Sage Creek HS

10/31 - Halloween, No Training

11/12 - Veteran's Day, No Training

11/19-11/23 - Thanksgiving Break, No Training

12/24-1/4 - Winter Recess, No Mandatory Training

1/21 - Martin Luther King Holiday, No Training

2/9/19 - Division B Competition at Carlsbad High School, 7am-6pm

TBD - ViaSat Science Olympiad Awards Night


STUDENT Brunch Meeting Dates - 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month during BRUNCH in the Science Lab

9/11 - Science O Informational Meeting in the New Science Lab (near PE) during Brunch

MONDAY MEETING 10/8 - Check in meeting

10/23 - Check in meeting

11/13 - Check in meeting

11/27 - Check in meeting

12/11 - T-Shirt Design Discussed

1/8 - T-Shirt Design Finalized --> Postponed to 1/10

1/15 - Information about Crashing Courses

1/22 - Check in meeting

2/5 - Final Preparations, Pass Out T-Shirts

2/12 - Celebration & Club Photo


VMS Science Olympiad Resources Folder

Events For This Year

The 2019 Division B events are listed below.  For extensive information and resources for each event, click on an event title.



Anatomy and Physiology

Disease Detectives



Water Quality


Dynamic Planet



Road Scholar

Solar System


Circuit Lab

Crime Busters

Density Lab

Potions and Poisons



Battery Buggy


Elastic Launched Glider

Roller Coaster


Experimental Design

Game On

Mystery Architecture

Write It Do It