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Viking Peace Warriors
Helping Houston: The Undy 500
The Undy 500
Club Fair..Come Join Us
Club Fair..Come Join Us
Helping our Community
Helping our Community

Viking Peace Warriors

Our Mission

To create peace through youth leadership, community service, global friendships, and thoughtful acts of kindness.  

About Us

  • Advisors: Teanna Evans Susan Ryan Lori Vallen 
  • When: Every Thursday during first Lunch and Second Monday of each month after school
  • Where: Room 204/Mrs. Evans Who: Everyone that Wants to BE the difference
  • What: Work as a group to help our community through serving where needed
  • How: Hard Work, Creativity, Fun, Willingness, Compassion, Empathy
  • Why: Because we want the world to be a better place
Monday Meeting Agenda
Monday Meeting Agenda
VPW T-Shirts for Sale
VPW T-Shirts for Sale

Meetings and Elected Officials

Weekly Meetings:     

Thursday in room 204 during 1st lunch

Monthly Meetings:     

Second Monday of Every Month @2:30 in Room 204



Aimee Cruz 

Vice President:         

Jakob Schorh


Curran Brown 


Michelle Haines-Reid 


Mrs. Evans